E-Commerce has opened more opportunities for sellers to grow and succeed online. However, great demand brings new challenges, concerns, and questions. It is time to stop some mistakes about eCommerce, which try to stop the business from making sales to reaching its full potential.

E-commerce mobile app development keeps getting more popular every year. The statistics show an increase in the number of people that choose to do online shopping. Yet, the myths appeared in connection to both eCommerce businesses and consumers. Keep scrolling and read the ten list of eCommerce myths for your business.

1. It is easy

E-Commerce Mobile App Development

Most people think running an eCommerce business is easy, but the truth is different. There are many obstructions to overcome. For example, opening an online store does not mean the buyer will surely come. You should take proper care of the website and consumer service, marketing, logistics, technical issues, delivery options, and many more.

2. It is free

If you start your store on an open platform, you will have costs. The prices include a commercial part for marketing and advertising. In addition, non-monetary aspects like doing some tasks that developers do if you had chosen the custom solution. 

3. You should focus on global sales from the day first

It might be fascinating to target everyone from all around the globe. However, it is not the best approach when you have just started your business. The essential benefit of an e-Commerce app is that you can expose your business to consumers everywhere on the globe. 

Especially in the starting phase, it is better to focus on the local market. Then, after you have established your practices and presence, start expanding to international markets. SEO is essential for selling locally and worldwide.

4. Provide enough manufacturing picture

Normally, producers provide stock images to all of their retailers. If you want to distinguish yourself and make your site attentive, you should take a picture of yourself. Or may hire some photographers to take them with the proper angle. Try to show your stock from various angles and ensure your consumers are offered as many details as feasible.

5. Personalization is a waste of time

Consumers have set their criteria, which they use when making a purchase. In this way, you need to engage directly with each other. The problem can be solved by extending a good level of personalization for everyone who visits your site. Make sure you use recommendation algorithms for your website!

6. Must have the low price

Pricing is not the single thing that customers decide on when purchasing an account. They consider many other things into account, such as website design and responsiveness. Moreover, check the complete information about the orders, shipping, deliveries, and reviews.

7. If the products are excellent, then no need to market them

Some people believe that word of mouth is the best advertising form. We also know word of mouth is indeed potent; however, it is not the only way your customers find your products. Even if your business products are the best, you must tell people about them by advertising. Otherwise, your business will shut down soon. So, with the eCommerce app development, try to build a good marketing strategy and adhere to it!

8. Headless is the way to get a custom site

Headless refers to an eCommerce solution that separates the site’s front and back ends. Allow sellers to leverage a modern stack to customize the front-end experience of their entire website. The headless architecture needs significant investment and constant maintenance. Website customization is better to handle with a flexible eCommerce platform for many online sellers.

9. Email marketing

Do not undervalue email marketing. It is one of the effective techniques to convert customers. Also, it is easy, inexpensive, and effective, so you can customize it and tailor it to your audience’s requirements. Thanks to the mobile app, people still check their email often. Ensure you do not send too many emails, but also not too rarely.

10. Revenue is everything

The ultimate goal is profit; you should look closely at other metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, traffic, and session duration. It is essential to see the percentage of converting traffic. How long does traffic stick around they get on your page? From where is your traffic is coming, and how long do your potential shoppers stay on your site.

11. Mobile users do not convert

The truth is, in recent years, online traffic from mobile devices has grown significantly. Therefore, ensure that your site is optimized for mobile devices. Otherwise, you will lose the customers in favor of the other opponents.

In conclusion

E-commerce is fun; you know what else is fun and engaging? Artificial Intelligence. In business, Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of users. Walnut Apps help grows your apps to use today’s technology. Companies must integrate into their current business to maintain the opponent’s advantage.