What Transform your Wix Website into an App?

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Want to build a native mobile app from your existing Wix website? Walnut Wix app builder is what you need. Check out how it works.

Walnut Apps is a platform that converts any website or web app into mobile apps. So for Wix users – it functions perfectly as an app builder!

Now upload product images add prices, description & start selling. You can edit the image (crop, rotate, and add filters) & offer custom coupons codes to entice customers. Get an immediate notification for every purchase from your WIX mobile app.

Contact Walnut Apps to get professional WIX App Development to integrate and build a mobile app from your e-commerce website.

Features that a Mobile App Offers

If you want to attract more users, nothing beats simple and secure software that allows them to place orders swiftly.

Simplistic App Design

A small screen comes with a simpler, clutter-free, and more optimized experience for your users.

Dynamic Sidebar

Manage and order deliveries and favorites easily with an effective admin panel and dynamic sidebar.

Easy Search

Responsive and easy-to-navigate apps give the perfect platform for your users to shop every day without any hassle.


Mobile applications help engage customers 4X more than websites. So it’s a must-needed choice to make.


Store the favorite products in the cart without compiling a long list of essentials without wasting hours.

Account Management

Secure the account and personal information for hassle-free login and purchase for better account management.

Product Listing with Filter and Sort Functionality

Don’t worry about sorting the products according to price and popularity. It provides the simplest way of optimization.

Product Detail

Product description must be there for a transparent transaction. Add product photos & videos to provide reliable information to users.

Quick Checkout Process

Users should have multiple payment gateways to choose from. Make checkout easy for your buyers through a mobile app.

Push Notifications

Inform your customers about every new discount and latest updates. Stay connected with your users!

Custom Super Admin Panel for Mobile App

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