The sky is the destination for eCommerce businesses. Today’s people are doing more online shopping than before. This one statement holds beyond all industries worldwide. The internet’s power made it possible for you to reach users anytime, anywhere, from any device. However, the devices types are targeting, which have a significant impact on your success.

It is no riddle that mobile consumption has held over our lives. According to recent research, more than 80 percent population owns smartphones. Moreover, everyone glued with these devices is on their hands almost 24/7.

As a businessman, you need to acknowledge this change. So, use the information and leverage to improve eCommerce sales; for that, your shop needs to be an eCommerce mobile app. First, yet, reviewing the most recent eCommerce app development trends. You will quickly realize that everything is managing through mobile.

Reasons Why Ecommerce Mobile Apps are in trend!

Mobile trade is trending up

eCommerce mobile apps

Mobile devices have entirely taken the sales over the eCommerce industry. Take a look at your sales and see what devices your consumers are shopping for. It is best that a large chunk of people browses the internet from smartphones and tablets.

Within a year, mobile commerce will control up to 70% of all eCommerce sales worldwide. People are already accepted to shopping from mobile devices; it is more convenient than the computer. Plus the phones we always hold in our arms, which is not forever the case with laptops or computers.

On the other hand, with the mobile, people can buy on the bus, train, and uber. In-office, shop online during the lunch break or while having a coffee walk down to the street.

Mobile sales are on trend in the coming years, the most reliable way for eCommerce sites to take part in mobile app evolution.

Consumers prefer mobile apps

Some of you may look at the data and know that you are reaching phone and tablet users with the mobile site. But, you are just hardly scraping the surface, whether you have an app or not, or the website must be mobile-friendly. People say that website looks better than the desktop version.
If the eCommerce app developers do not provide mobile apps, they neglect most of the market while providing a less optimal experience. So, use reputable eCommerce platforms are like Magento and Shopify. Then, the developer will take your online store to the next level.

Improve marketing communication 

When you consider big decisions for your business, it is easy to let the sales metrics make you excited. The mobile app for your eCommerce shop won’t disappoint when it comes to sales. Mobile apps are marketers’ dreams; improving your marketing campaigns. It will ultimately generate more profits from current consumers.

Without a mobile app, you need to rely on consumer navigation direct to your website to have any chance of driving conversions. So, try to spend some marketing dollars on email communication and social media campaigns. Or reach your customer base on other channels.

But how often does the same person need to come back to your website? Even your best customers won’t need to buy something every day or every week. With the mobile application, you will have a better way to communicate with your consumers. Look at engagement rates of push notifications compared to traditional email marketing.

Create a personalized shopping experience

Personalization is an essential component of eCommerce success. Some of you might already be using some personalized tactics to drive some eCommerce sales. For illustration, when a buyer signs up to get mail from your business, it might segment them into the category. Which is based on the factors like age, gender, or location, then you can send them some targeted emails to improve the experience.

When a user visits your site, personalize the homepage is based on their location. For example, if you sell clothing or customers shopping from New York City in December, you should not be seeing bathing suits.

eCommerce mobile apps take personalization to the next level with an app. You can track the users browsing and purchase the history to offer custom orders. It is reasonable from the website but reliant on the customer always being logged in. So, it is easier to accomplish from the app.

Enhanced customer service

People will spend more money on customer service like around 75% of retail consumers say that they are encouraged to shop longer. And it is spending more money after a good customer service experience.

This is something that you should approach when you are designing your e-commerce mobile app. We try to make it comfortable for buyers to find the contact information. Rather force to navigate the site or search on Google. Instead, offer the “call us” button directly in-app.

Even implement virtual chat support directly through the app. Allow consumers to track their orders from the moment of buying until the delivery at the front door.

 It is possible from the mobile website; the UX will be the significantly better facility in an app. The mobile site won’t be sensitive to something like resource-intensive.

Increase retention rates

You can generate eCommerce sales at any time, but sales do not tell the whole story. For example, how many sales come from repeat customers?

Researches show that attracting new consumers can be up to 25 times more expensive than selling to the current one. However, increasing consumers’ retention rates by only 5% can enhance the profits by around 25 to 95 percent. 

Get a look at average eCommerce mobile app retention rates.

In conclusion

An E-commerce store needs a mobile app.

The above-given reasons need to be property for every eCommerce shop.  Furthermore, most of the users prefer mobile apps, and in this reality, no one can be ignored.

Now you easily understand why an app is so essential for your unique eCommerce business. Now it’s time to take the step; if you never built an app before, Walnuts Apps will help you. Our experts are working on your mobile app development, and they slowly build until they get perfect results in the marketplace. 

Moreover, our platforms make it easy for anyone to build an app, despite their technical skill level. If you need more help, reach out and let us know, we will be happy to assist you as per your requirements.